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Depending on who you ask, I’m probably either a fantastically interesting, fascinating individual or a fantastically boring plain individual.  Nobody thinks I’m in between, though.  If I had the means to pursue any interest I wanted for the rest of my life, it would change every week, if not every day.  Currently — and for the very long foreseeable future — I am working on quantum computing.  I have… well, I expect to have a PhD in physics from the University of Maryland College Park in Fall of 2011.  My website has nothing to do with academics, though.  My website is mainly for my photography.  On the opposite end of things, the one artistic thing I don’t fail horribly at is photography.  I’ve had about 12 years experience now after starting in 1999 with a simple digital camera and my home computer.  I now attend a lot of anime conventions and do photography there.

All that probably puts me pretty squarely into the geek culture.  And I like that.  I’ve been lucky to meet and befriend some fantastically interesting people who have jobs and interests beyond what I could even imagine.  My fandoms?  I’m a huge trekker, first and foremost.  I have been pretty much as long as I can remember.  And though I’m not particularly active in that fandom, I would give up pretty much all others before giving up Star Trek.  I’m very big into anime, manga, and video games.  I used to be big into cosplay, though now I tend to be on the other side of the camera.  Not that I don’t still have the urge to pull out the sewing machine and wigs and props once in a while.  It probably goes without saying that science fiction, fantasy, and horror are all high on my list of interests, too.

Beyond just the popular culture interests, I have a lot of interest in physics, as well, beyond just quantum computing.  Cosmology, quantum mechanics, and general relativity are melting together more and more and I expect some great steps forward in the 21st century.  In particular, I find that the many interpretations of quantum mechanics will, much like other competing theories in physics, fit together very nicely once the right perspective is found.

I also like to write fiction.  I don’t know if I’m any good, though, since the longest thing I ever wrote was years ago for an online role-playing game.  But maybe that’ll change.


  1. 16/02/25

    Well, this is certainly old. Will be changed. But it’s not all that inaccurate, so it’ll stay up for now.

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