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Baby Driver at AwesomeCon

June 18, 2017 Category :Uncategorized Off

You can head over to my webpage to see my AwesomeCon review.

I did want to spill the beans a bit on the first five minutes of the movie, which was shown during the panel. If you don’t like SPOILERS stop reading now. They’re very minor, though, so I think this will just whet your appetite more than anything else.

The segment starts off with a crew of four arriving at a bank in a red Subaru WRX. Two men and a woman get out, walk into a bank, and start a robbery. Meanwhile, the driver is listening to music with seemingly no care in the world. After the heist completes, the robbers get in the car. Instead of driving off forward, the driver goes into reverse, spins around, and takes off in the opposite direction. What follows is a lot of great car-chase action. The WRX skids and slides between cars, forcing the police vehicles in chase to crash into civilians. In one great scene (shown in some trailers) a row of spikes is placed on the street. Only the driver slides the car to hit the spikes sideways, causing them to lie in the path of a police cruiser, which unexpectedly crashes after hitting the spikes. A freeway chase ensues and a helicopter is involved. The driver spots two red cars going the opposite way and, after jumping the lane dividers, takes a place between them. While under an underpass he forces one of the other red cars to swap lanes with him, thus confusing the helicopter as to which car is which. A few other scenes include the WRX sliding between parked cars along with some amazing choreography. By the end of this first scene the group dumps the WRX for an unremarkable car under the cover of a garage and leaves.

That’s where the preview clip ended. I’ll be seeing this movie opening night.