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Putting my money where my mouth is

April 28, 2017 Category :Uncategorized Off

This will be the first post I make to the new blog that won’t appear on the old blog.

With the change in YouTube that’s currently causing trouble for a lot of youtubers, especially those who make a living off youtube, I felt a bit split on the matter. Yes, it’s bad that Google (or alphabet, or youtube, however you describe the shot-callers) is making it harder for smaller, independent creators to continue doing what they’re doing. Different standards apply to them and established news media. But that’s a different discussion. For me, there’s an obvious solution to the question of how to get content out to people of YouTube is no longer a real option.

For ages, the essay has been the prime vehicle of distributing ideas. It’s probably why you have to write so many in school; they’re one of the best proven ways to get your ideas across if you can write well. There’s certainly advantages to videos and having a bunch of your favorite content creators collected in one website or app. But as far as actually getting ideas out there, essays are perfectly fine. With a blog, you can easily add video clips or pictures, too. I’ve long pointed out that if you really want creative independence, you can get your own domain, your own website (which is trivially easy to run, thanks WordPress), and set up your own advertising if you’d like. Yes, it takes effort, especially the last bit. But your ideas are then really out there, free, and unrestrained.

[admin] Moved servers from lunarpages to orobouros.xyz

April 7, 2017 Category :Uncategorized Off

I’ve moved the blog from the lunarpages servers to my own orobouros.xyz servers.  Once the domain is fully transferred over blog.orobouros.net will again correctly point to the actual blog.  For now, blog.oroboruos.xyz will work.